The blockchain firehose: Streaming with the TokenAnalyst SDK

For some things to believe you have to see them with your own eyes. If you want to build products that are cutting edge, using differentiated on-chain data, such as function calls, events, and even internal traces (I know right?), you're in the best hands.  

Real-time Price Feed

Okay, let's start with something that lots of other players give you in the market - a simple and boring price stream. However, you need it, because it brings meaning to everything. Yes, price = money. And money is what matters in the end. 💰(ka-ching sound)

Real-time Large Ethereum Transactions with more than $500,000 USD value transferred

Let's go into the fun stuff. This might be interesting for those of you who are, or who want to start using on-chain data to trade. A next level augmentation layer to your normal exchange trading interface. We have some interesting stuff in the pipeline... but until then, sharpen your Javascript skills to leverage this piece of gold. 🔑

Real-time ERC-20 Transactions

You all heard of them, ERC-20 tokens. Either you invested into an ICO in 2017 or you bought them at an exchange when you wanted to diversify your Ethereum or Bitcoin. Anyway, if you wanna know what magic beans 🍬 are transacted right now, have a look at this piece:

By Jendrik Poloczek @madewithtea