Beyond Blockchain Analytics

TLDR - We now offer hosted nodes as a standalone product for blockchain companies. Next on the roadmap is real-time alerts/monitoring followed by indexed queries

TokenAnalyst Infra Overview

There are significant technical challenges associated with delivering real-time on-chain data and analytics at scale. These may include:

  • Running your own distributed full-nodes (or use a 3rd party provider) for multiple blockchains
  • Provisioning atomic, fault-tolerant, extreme low-latency pipelines using RPC to pass data to/from those nodes
  • Building custom data extractors for each blockchain protocol which can ingest data from those pipelines
  • Transforming raw data into normalized schemas; transactions on ETH are different from transaction on EOS which are different again to Bitcoin
  • Loading data into an indexed database to enable easy and fast querying for things like historical balances

This doesn't even include the host of logging, alerting, and monitoring services in place to ensure our systems - and the networks themselves (cough cough Parity on new years eve) - are up and running 24/7

Only when this entire data pipeline works seamlessly, at scale, and with minimal latency can we run more advanced algorithms to label and cluster wallets and deliver metrics such as BTC exchange flows

At TokenAnalyst, we've already built a nodes-as-a-service product (red), an indexed query product (blue), and an analytics product (green)
Overview of current TokenAnalyst Infrastructure

We looked at alternatives, but could not find anything that provided multi-blockchain support at the level of latency and granularity we demanded. What we've also realized is that EVERY company that interacts with blockchains needs some part of this stack

  • Wallets need to run nodes and index data from multiple chains to post transactions, read account balances, and perform a host of other activities.
  • dApp's need to build a blockchain events WebSockets (pub-sub) to update their UIs when a smart contract's state changes  The Blockchain Data Space

Blockchain Data Space

Today, there are disparate businesses that service different parts of the blockchain data stack. With the plethora of new chains slated to launch, the dev-ops and infrastructure overhead of blockchain companies attempting to build and host their own node infrastructure is going to grow exponentially!

We believe that there will be one platform that offers a full-stack blockchain data solution that includes node hosting, data querying, monitoring and analytics needed to build 24/7 reliable blockchain applications. TokenAnalyst aims to be this solution.

TokenAnalyst will become the AWS of blockchain infrastructure

As a first step towards this vision, we are launching our multi-chain hosted node service – With a few lines of code, seamlessly interact with multiple blockchain nodes at blazing fast speeds. Please try it out, and let us know if you have any feedback!

Written by: Jai Prasad, CEO @ TokenAnalyst